Sandra Friend & John KeatleyWelcome to Florida Hikes! We’re Sandra Friend and John Keatley (aka JK & Navigator), your hosts to the grand adventure that is Florida’s outdoors. We hike, camp, backpack, paddle, bike, and explore the outdoors from our vintage VW camper. We’ve hiked many thousands of miles in Florida and beyond; together, we took on a large chunk of the Appalachian Trail in 2012.

Sandra has written 29 books, with more than a dozen on Florida’s natural areas and hiking, and several apps. John joined her in producing two new books in 2013.

John’s outdoor background also includes sailing, diving, and tens of thousands of miles of bike touring. We’re both public speakers, and we’re working together on two new Florida hiking books right now. We are also both members of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association, and Sandra serves on the Board of Directors of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Thanks for joining us!  Our mission is to connect our readers with the outdoors, and by doing so, hope that they fall in love with Florida’s natural places as much as we have, and will help conserve and protect them in the future.

Back in February 2006, Sandra started Florida Hikes! as a blog to share her favorite hikes, and dusted off old webmaster skills to bring it up to what it is today – a robust hiking community sharing information on hiking in Florida, from easy walks on boardwalks to backpacking trips on the Florida Trail. John’s eclectic outdoors background, a stress reliever during 33 years of working with both mechanics and astronauts on the Space Shuttle program, has enabled us to greatly expand our content and fields of interest over the past two years.

With more than 5,000 miles of hiking trails to explore across two time zones, there are hikes in Florida for all ages, abilities, and interests. We hope you enjoy exploring this website and find it useful.

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Since we write hiking guides on a regular basis, we do try to keep current with what’s changed out there. If you’ve seen changes to a trail, feel free to leave updates in the comments section.  The content on this site is fluid – that is, don’t be surprised to see it change.  As we package up a group of hikes for use in a book, we may compress the level of detail provided on these pages. Or if we revisit a site, we may add more information.

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