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Rusty & Paulas

  I'd planned for us to have lunch in Allendale, SC. There wasn't anywhere open, which is odd for a town with a college, although I did Read More


You can’t go back

  "There are places I remember..."If you're of a certain age, like I am, you can sing the rest of that lyric from the Beatles and you'll Read More

John looking at a manchineel tree

Florida’s toxic trees

Poison ivy. Poison sumac. You've probably heard of these, but how about poisonwood? Or manchineel? Some of South Florida's forests harbor these toxic Read More

Keen sandals

Light on your feet

I have never really been a sandal wearer. When I was younger I wore slaps, as flip flops were called, in my high school and beach days.I have been Read More

Marsh Point

Hiking to Marsh Point

One of the high points of the 1,100-mile Florida Trail, our statewide National Scenic Trail, is its dance with the coastal estuaries of the Gulf of Read More