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Finding your way

 People get lost in the woods. That's a fact. Whether it's from stepping off the beaten path and losing your bearings, leaving your tent at night Read More


Auto know Lake City

For many years I have seen pictures of the remains of old vehicles and machinery among the cacti in the American deserts. They are a reminder of the Read More

Me and Mom at Three Sisters Spring

Step by Step

So much can happen in a month.At the beginning of March, we were visiting with my Mom in Ocala en route to two weeks of hiking and public speaking Read More


Back to Blue Run

  Blue skies, blue water: the beauty of a hike at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon is in the glimpses of blue amid the supersaturated greens that Read More


Press Pause

Sometimes, life gives you pause. That happened a month ago for us, when a planned two weeks hiking on the Florida Trail in the Panhandle morphed into Read More