Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park offers outdoor experiences ranging from wheelchair-accessible boardwalks and paved trails to rugged adventures in harsh wilderness habitats, including tropical forests filled with poisonous trees, coastal prairies with a base of sticky marl mud, dense mangrove forests dense with mosquitoes, and rugged, swiss-cheese like karst with jagged edges.

Most trails in the Everglades are short and tame, letting you sample these wild habitats – and their delicate inhabitants, like the liguus tree snails – without plunging into the thick of them. But for those who like their wilderness wild, two backpacking trips – Old Ingraham Highway and Coastal Prairie Trail – provide the opportunity to get out there on your own, and for paddlers, the challenging 99-mile Wilderness Waterway is one of America’s toughest canoe trips.

Get Outdoors in Everglades National Park

  • Anhinga Trail Anhinga Trail - For most visitors, the Anhinga Trail is their first glimpse into Everglades National Park. It's short, and the alligators are right there: hard to miss.
  • Bayshore Loop Bayshore Loop - Providing a walk through the mangrove-lined edge of Florida Bay and the unique coastal prairie habitat within a short loop, the Bayshore Loop takes you what's left of the fishing village of Flamingo.
  • Bear Lake Trail Bear Lake Trail - Paralleling the former Homestead Canal, the Bear Lake Trail takes you on a journey through tropical hammock and mangrove forests along a road scooped from the canal diggings.
  • Bobcat Boardwalk Bobcat Boardwalk - The 0.3-mile Bobcat Boardwalk at Shark Valley is a popular destination in winter and spring to see migratory and nesting birds.
  • Christian Point Trail Christian Point Trail - The Christian Point Trail is one of the more challenging trails in Everglades National Park, leading you deep into the mangrove forest along Florida Bay.
  • Coastal Prairie Trail Coastal Prairie Trail - Ready for a wilderness challenge? On the Coastal Prairie Trail, battle mosquitoes, unrelenting sun, and deep and sticky marl mud to camp at remote Clubhouse Beach.
  • Pond along the Gumbo Limbo Trail Gumbo Limbo Trail - At Royal Palm Hammock in Everglades National Park, the Gumbo Limbo Trail is a gentle paved path that gets you up close and personal with a tropical hammock and its oolite holes.
  • Guy Bradley Trail Guy Bradley Trail - Named in honor of the first game warden in Everglades, who gave his life protecting the birds, this paved walk offers excellent views of Florida Bay and insight into why Everglades National Park now exists.
  • Mahogany Hammock Mahogany Hammock Trail - Mahogany Hammock is a tree island, a tropical oasis in the Everglades “river of grass,” where the short boardwalk trail immerses you in the jungle-like hammock.
  • Old Ingraham Trail Old Ingraham Highway - Opened in 1922 as the first motorway to Flamingo, the crumbling pavement of the Old Ingraham Highway now provides up to 22 miles of backpacking into the heart of the Everglades.
  • Otter Cave Hammock Trail Otter Cave Hammock Trail - Complementing Shark Valley’s loop trail and Bobcat Boardwalk, the Otter Cave Trail gets you out into the Everglades at a walking pace, where you’ll see more wildlife.
  • Pa-hay-okee Boardwalk Pa-Hay-Okee Boardwalk - For a sweeping panorama of the "River of Grass" from a personal perspective, get out of your car and walk the short Pa-Hay-Okee Boardwalk at Everglades National Park.
  • Pineland Ecotone Pinelands Ecotone - Unnamed, un-blazed, and wild, on an old jeep road, the Pinelands Ecotone is an extraordinary hike between two rare habitats – pine rocklands and sawgrass prairies.
  • Pinelands Trail Pinelands Trail - The Pinelands Trail is a showcase for South Florida’s weird and wonderful karst, a limestone bedrock that’s full of Swiss-cheese like holes, in a tropical forest where colorful tree snails make their home.
  • Snake Bight / Rowdy Bend Snake Bight / Rowdy Bend - The Snake Bight Trail in Everglades National Park leads you a wild place where tropical forests meet the mangrove shorelines of Florida Bay, where crocodiles cruise the saline shallows and mosquitoes thicken the air.
  • West Lake Trail West Lake Mangrove Trail - At West Lake, the Mangrove Trail loops through a shady tunnel, showcasing the protector of Florida’s coastline, the mighty mangrove, along the shores of a brackish lake.