Home of the University of Florida, Gainesville is full of small urban parks with trails and surrounded by larger natural lands. Alachua County has done an excellent job setting aside lands just outside city limits for preservation.

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  • Creek Sink Trail at San Felasco Hammock At San Felasco Hammock (5/16/2013) - At San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park, two hiking trail systems offer two different perspectives on karst landscapes and dense deciduous forests.
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  • Gator growl at La Chua (4/25/2009) - In the heart of Gator Country, a deep sinkhole swallows the waters of Paynes Prairie at its northeastern rim in Gainesville: La Chua Sink. On a prior, drier visit, I could see Sweetwater Branch cascading down into the throat of the sink, but the bowl’s pretty full right now, and water is gushing down into […]
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