Hiking St Lucie County

Today was a surprising reintroduction to the hiking trails of St Lucie County. My, how they have grown! So has the county, of course, with an uncomfortable amount of suburban residential sprawl, failed developments, and foreclosures. But it was heartening to discover that the protection of natural lands has continued in step with these changes.

When I visited in 2003 to write Hiker’s Guide, I found a dozen or so places to hike. Now there are an additional 24, two of which my friend Lori and I made it to among four hikes we did today. County preserves have loops of 1/2 to 6 miles to roam, so I’ll be back more this year to play catch-up with all the new hikes. My favorite experience of the day was watching scrub-jays at Indrio Savannas. I’ll share more about that soon with the Hike-a-Week!

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