Hiking the Juniper Prairie Wilderness

Prairie ponds in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness

Prairie ponds in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness

For immersion into the world’s largest sand pine scrub forest, take a journey along the Florida Trail through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness. It’s perennially a getaway for backpackers thanks to Hidden Pond, a beauty spot of a campsite set between a spring and an open prairie. This segment of the Florida Trail went through some heavy damage early this year due to a fire that consumed a large portion of the wilderness area, but the healing nature of the scrub forest is that things sprout fast.

Hiking information for the Florida Trail in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness


  1. Rodney says

    Hi Sandra, Hidden Pond is my favorite place to backpack into here in Central Florida. Always see lots of wildlife. Last time we watched a bear walk around the other side of the lake while cooked and ate our dinner. Thanks, Rodney

  2. says

    WARNING: Lots of sandspurs on the Yearling Trail, in the JPW. A nice hike, but they like to get in your socks and OUCH. Then at the end of the day you have to extract them from the soles of your shoes/boots.


    But still a nice hike.

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