Jupiter is the northernmost outpost of Palm Beach County, which means easy access to natural lands along the Intracoastal Waterway, Atlantic Coastal Ridge, and the North Everglades Natural Area (NENA for short), where you’ll find the vast Ocean-to-Lake Greenway. It is the best area for backpacking in Southeast Florida, and a favorite of paddlers for the wild and scenic Loxahatchee River.

Nearby: Hobe Sound, Ocean-to-Lake, Stuart, West Palm Beach

Trails and Parks in Jupiter

  • Blowing Rocks Jupiter FL Blowing Rocks Preserve - One of the most dramatic shorelines in Florida, the rocky shore of Blowing Rocks Preserve has sea caves and bluffs to explore on a hike through the oceanfront preserve
  • Coral Cove sea arch Coral Cove - Just south of Blowing Rocks Preserve, Coral Cove is a Palm Beach County park with spectacular rock formations along the beach along an outcropping of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge.
  • Eagle Trail at Grassy Waters Preserve Eagle Trail - Forming a loop around Gator Lake in Grassy Waters Preserve, the half-mile Eagle Trail tunnels through a tropical hammock to provide overlooks across Loxahatchee Slough.
  • East Loop, Jonathan Dickinson State Park East Loop Trail - An immersion into vast pine flatwoods that includes scrambles over ancient dunes, the East Loop at Jonathan Dickinson State Park provides both day hikers and backpackers a delightful getaway.
  • Crossing a boardwalk Florida Trail, Corbett WMA to Lucky Tract - On this 12.1 miles of the Florida Trail from Corbett WMA to the Lucky Tract campsite, immerse in the full diversity of habitats you'll find in Palm Beach County
  • Crossing Bees Creek Florida Trail, Lucky Tract to Kitching Creek - A hike of extreme contrast, this 10.5 mile segment of the Florida Trail between Lucky Tract and Kitching Creek in Jupiter provides an interesting backpacking trip.
  • Florida Trail, Corbett WMA Florida Trail, Ocean to Lake: Corbett WMA - With 11.7 miles of linear hiking in a vast watery wilderness - like Big Cypress and the Everglades - you'd hardly believe this Florida Trail section at Corbett WMA is in Palm Beach County
  • Dupuis Reserve Florida Trail, Ocean to Lake: DuPuis Reserve - On this western end of the Ocean-to-Lake section of the Florida Trail, the trail leads you to the heart of DuPuis Reserve, zigzagging through pine forests and cypress domes
  • Florida Trail, DuPuis to Corbett Florida Trail, Ocean to Lake: DuPuis to Corbett - Deep in the heart of the Ocean-to-Lake Greenway, this 9.7 mile segment of the Florida Trail bridging DuPuis Reserve and Corbett WMA is one of the most wild and scenic treks in southeastern Florida
  • Ocean-to-Lake Trail Florida Trail, Ocean-to-Lake - 61.7 miles. A spur trail that leads from Port Mayaca on the east side of Lake Okeechobee to Hobe Sound Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. En route it passes through popular Jonathan Dickinson State Park and Riverbend Park as well as rugged and wild DuPuis Reserve and Corbett WMA, where there are vast wet prairies and cypress strands with wades similar to Big Cypress.
  • Florida Trail, Port Mayaca to Henry Creek Florida Trail, Port Mayaca to Henry Creek - One of the segments of the Florida Trail that are paved around Lake Okeechobee, the 13.7-mile walk between Port Mayaca and Henry Creek offers unparalleled vistas of both open water and the marshes
  • Frenchmans Forest Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area - In Palm Beach Gardens, Frenchman's Forest Natural Area offers nearly 3 miles of trails through a 172-acre natural area with seven different habitats to explore, right behind the Gardens Mall.
  • Grassy Waters Preserve Grassy Waters Preserve - Protecting a sheet flow of rainfall moving steadily southward and parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, Grassy Waters Preserve bears a striking resemblance to the Everglades - because it is.
  • Hobe Mountain Hobe Mountain Trail - Catch a sweeping view from an observation tower atop the highest natural hill south of Lake Okeechobee on the Hobe Mountain Trail at Jonathan Dickinson State Park
  • Hog Hammock Trail at Grassy Waters Preserve Hog Hammock Trail - Offering a hike into the Loxahatchee Slough, the Hog Hammock Trail at Grassy Waters Preserve leads into a dark, fern-filled cabbage palm hammock with a 2.8 mile loop.
  • MacArthur Beach State Park John D. MacArthur Beach State Park - Opened in 1989 on Singer Island, John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is extraordinarily popular due to its coastal lagoons, well-preserved tropical forests, and beautiful beach with nearshore rocky reefs.
  • Along the Loxahatchee River Jonathan Dickinson State Park - One of South Florida's best backpacking destinations, Jonathan Dickinson State Park encompasses a vast mosaic of ecosystems along the wild and scenic Loxahatchee River
  • Juno Dunes Juno Dunes Natural Area - At Juno Dunes Natural Area, two loop trails flank US 1. While shade is at a premium, botanical diversity makes this a worthy destination for an early morning hike
  • Kitching Creek Loop Kitching Creek Loop - Burrowing deep into the backwoods of vast Jonathan Dickinson State Park, the Kitching Creek Loop showcases the beauty of pine flatwoods and cypress drainages towards the Loxahatchee River.
  • Limestone Creek Limestone Creek Natural Area - In Jupiter, right around the corner from Florida's Turnpike, Limestone Creek Natural Area is a green gem in the eastern corridor of the Northeast Everglades Natural Area
  • Riverbend Park Riverbend Park - A county park with compacted paths suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, Riverbend Park in Jupiter has a meandering trail system through the Loxahatchee River floodplain.
  • Satinleaf Trail Satinleaf Trail - Before you head out to the beach at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, a quick stroll down the Satinleaf Trail will get you oriented to the tropical habitats that this park protects on Singer Island
  • Seabranch Preserve State Park Seabranch Preserve Hiking Trails - On more than 1,000 acres along the Intracoastal Waterway south of Stuart, the double loop trail at Seabranch Preserve State Park showcases a coastal scrub forest.
  • Seabranch Preserve State Park Seabranch Preserve State Park - Walk through a winter-like wonderland of white sand and small shrubs at Seabranch Preserve State Park, protecting more than a thousand acres of coastal habitats along the Intracoastal Waterway south of Stuart.
  • Paddling to St Lucie Inlet Preserve (Lori Burris) St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park - On the north tip of Jupiter Island, St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park is one of those rare parks that you can only reach by boat - motored, or under your own power, as most visitors do, by paddling through mangrove-lined coves.

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