Kids love wildlife hikes!

Kids birding

Kids birding

Here’s a little proof positive that the younger generation still finds the outdoors a thrill. Late last year, I had an email from a reader planning a trip to Florida looking for a way to day-trip the Everglades while visiting family in Punta Gorda. Given the vast distance between the two spots, I suggested, as an alternative, an immersion into the Big Cypress – the Western Everglades – in the closest spot they could experience:  Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve in Fort Myers.

I received this follow-up email after the family’s trip:

Thanks for your wonderful suggestions, we managed to do the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve walk (my kids and I) and we had a wonderful time. We were very fortunate to get in touch with a wildlife volunteer and thanks to her, saw some good birds and an alligator and learnt a lot about nature. My sons (10 and 8) loved it so much that when asked to rate their favorites of an action-packed vacation, they ranked this walk #2. Just to get an idea of how huge this is, here is their list

1. Universal Studios
2. Birding At Six Mile Cypress
3. Snorkeling in Bahamas (including snorkeling with sharks)
4. Legoland
5. SeaWorld
6. 3-day cruise to Bahamas
Thanks a lot for making this happen.

Pretty cool, eh?

Photo courtesy of Venkat Iyengar
Learn more about Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve


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    I live pretty close to Six Mile Cypress, and with a Lee County sticker on my car, I don’t pay to park. I’m there often. I like to call it my cathedral, especially after the snowbirds depart or before they get here. Walking among the cypress, you can sometimes hear distant traffic, but mostly you get to hear your own thoughts. If you’d like to see some pictures, here’s a link to the “Six Mile” category on my blog


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