Lake Wales

Sitting atop the ancient dunes of the Lake Wales Ridge, the Lake Wales area in Polk County is rich with outdoor recreation opportunities. Given the mix of state parks, county natural lands, wildlife management areas and state forests, it’s no wonder that protection of this biologically fragile region means plenty of places to explore.

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Trails and Parks near Lake Wales

  • Atop Iron Mountain at Bok Tower Gardens Bok Tower Gardens - Atop one of the highest hills in the Florida Peninsula, Bok Tower Gardens is one of Florida's most spectacular landscaped gardens, “something to appeal to both man and animal, a meditative place,” as envisioned by Edward William Bok in the 1920s.
  • Buster Island Loop Buster Island Loop - The 7-mile Buster Island Loop at Lake Kissimmee State Park is a favorite for both day hikers and backpackers, as it shows off a variety of habitats along the open prairies
  • Pond at Catfish Creek Preserve Catfish Creek Preserve State Park - On the ridges at Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, some steep as a ski slope, these elevated slivers of blinding white sand are some of Florida's most ancient hills.
  • Catfish Creek Preserve State Park Catfish Creek Preserve Trails - Allan David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park isn’t just “a perfect example of Lake Wales Ridge Scrub,” it’s a landscape unlike any other you’ll find in Florida.
  • Crooked Lake Prairie Crooked Lake Prairie - With an interlinking network of loop trails, Crooked Lake Prairie is a refreshing excursion into habitats found on the high hills of the Lake Wales Ridge
  • Split oak at Buster Island Lake Kissimmee State Park - Deep in the heart of Florida's heartland, ranching heritage lives on at Lake Kissimmee State Park, home of the 1876 Florida Cow Hunters Camp.
  • Shoreline of Lake Kissimmee North Loop and Gobbler Ridge Trails - The lesser used of the two long loops at Lake Kissimmee State Park, the North Loop leads you through shady oak hammocks to pine flatwoods above the scrub-lined shore of Lake Kissimmee
  • Wet prairie at SUMICA SUMICA - With up to 6.2 miles of trails - many of them a bit wet - SUMICA is one of the natural lands in Polk County where birding is especially superb.

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