Established as agricultural community along the shores of Lake Jesup, Oviedo is surrounded by natural lands offering interesting hikes and off-road biking. Add in the Florida Trail, which intersects the heart of historic downtown Oviedo, and public lands that buffer the Econlockhatchee River, and Oviedo can lay claim to easy access to a wide diversity of outdoor recreation, including backpacking trips and paddling trips.

Nearby: Christmas, Chuluota, Geneva, Orlando, Sanford

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Trails and Parks in Oviedo

  • Bear Creek Nature Trail Bear Creek Nature Trail - A patch of wild in a sea of suburbia, Bear Creek provides nearly a mile's worth of exploration atop sandy bluffs in a shady creekside hammock in Winter Springs.
  • Big Tree Park Big Tree Park - While the iconic Senator is no more, Big Tree Park continues to fascinate visitors with its enormous cypress trees, including Lady Liberty. The park provides access to the Cross Seminole Trail.
  • Black Hammock Wilderness Black Hammock Wilderness Area - Black Hammock is a bit of Old Florida in Oviedo, with a trail showcasing a delightfully long boardwalk and a loop through scrub habitats above Lake Jesup
  • Scenic view along the Econ Culpepper Bend - One of the lesser-known trails of Little Big Econ State Forest, Culpepper Bend leads you to a panorama where the Econlockhatchee River meets the St. Johns River
  • Econ River Wilderness Econ River Wilderness - In the Orlando suburbs, the Econ River Wilderness is in one of those places where you’d never suspect wilderness still existed, yet trails led you to wild places
  • Econlockhatchee Sandhills Econlockhatchee Sandhills Conservation Area - In the floodplain of the Econlockhatchee River, Econlockhatchee Sandhills Conservation Area is a 706-acre showcase of upland habitat diversity with a 3.2 mile loop trail
  • Flagler Trail South Flagler Trail South - Following a historic railroad route, the southern portion of the Flagler Trail provides a sometimes rugged, sometimes gentle ride between Geneva and Chuluota
  • FT Bronson Florida Trail, Bronson State Forest - A quick sampler of the beauty of Bronson State Forest, this walk on the Florida Trail to Bunscombe Creek and back offers a great perspective on summer wildflowers.
  • Florida Trail, Little Big Econ Florida Trail, Little Big Econ State Forest - One of the most beautiful hikes near Orlando is rugged, too: the Florida Trail atop bluffs above the Econlockhatchee River through Little-Big Econ State Forest.
  • Florida Trail, Mills Creek Woodlands Florida Trail, Mills Creek - As the Florida Trail follows the curve of the basin in which Mills Creek into a bowl of marshlands, enjoy old-growth trees and long boardwalks along this 2 mile hike
  • FT in Little Big Econ Florida Trail, Orlando - 149.1 miles. Approaching the Orlando metro, this section takes you through a slim ribbon of wilderness in Orlando’s eastern suburbs, following a paved rail-trail for one portion of the hike. In places like Bull Creek WMA, Tosohatchee, Seminole State Forest, and Bronson State Forest, you’ll be surprised at wild places so close to a major city.
  • Geneva Wilderness Geneva Wilderness Area - Showcasing prairie ponds amid scrub on the edge of a pine flatwoods, Geneva Wilderness Area offers two loops of gentle paths on which to explore the habitats.
  • Lake Jesup East Tract Lake Jesup East Tract - The 2.1-mile loop at Lake Jesup Conservation Area leads to an observation tower that provides a sweeping view of one of the Orlando metro's larger lakes.
  • Lake Jesup Wilderness Lake Jesup Wilderness - A dazzling array of swamp sunflowers await each fall at Lake Jesup Wilderness, an expansive wetland area along the northern shore of Lake Jesup.
  • Lake Mills Park Lake Mills Park - One of Seminole County’s prettiest county parks with boardwalks through a cypress swamp, Lake Mills Park makes an excellent family destination.
  • Lake Proctor Wilderness Lake Proctor Wilderness Area - Protecting 475 acres of marshlands, prairie, and scrub forest, Lake Proctor Wilderness Area is one of the best places near Orlando to see sandhill cranes.
  • Kolokee Loop Little-Big Econ Kolokee Loop - A loop hike in Little Big Econ State Forest, the 4.7-mile Kolokee Loop shows off the best facets of the Florida Trail along the Econlockhatchee River.
  • Little-Big Econ bridge Little-Big Econ State Forest - One of the most popular destinations for outdoor recreation in the Orlando metro area, Little-Big Econ State Forest protects more than 9,500 acres along the floodplain of the Econlockhatchee River
  • Orlando Wetlands Park Orlando Wetlands Park - Covering more than 1,600 acres in the St. Johns River floodplain, Orlando Wetlands Park has more than 8 miles of trails and is the best place in the region for serious birding.
  • Loughman Lake Seminole Ranch – Loughman Lake - At the northern end of Seminole Ranch Conservation Area, an easy-to-follow trail to an observation tower provides a panorama across Loughman Lake.
  • Puzzle Lake Seminole Ranch – Puzzle Lake - At the northern end of Seminole Ranch Conservation Area, roam 8.4 miles along the marshy eastern shore of Puzzle Lake, part of the St. Johns River system.
  • Spring Hammock Preserve Spring Hammock Preserve - The home of some of Florida's most ancient cypresses, Spring Hammock Preserve in Winter Springs is one of the most delightful places to take a hike in the Orlando area.

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