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One of the wildest and most wonderful aspects to hiking in Florida is the availability of swamp walks through many habitats in Florida. These watery wades immerse you in habitats found nowhere else on earth.

Swamp Walks by Name

Apoxee Wilderness

Apoxee Wilderness Trail

In the wet prairies and tropical hammocks of Apoxee Wilderness, an urban wilderness area, you'll walk through the water supply
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Collier Seminole Hiking Trail

Collier-Seminole Hiking Trail

A wet and wild 6-mile loop into the watery wilderness of the Big Cypress Swamp, the Collier-Seminole Hiking Trail provides
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CREW Marsh Trails

CREW Corkscrew Marsh

Explore the northwestern boundary of Corkscrew Marsh - one corner of a massive conservation area surrounding Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and
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Estero Scrub Preserve

Estero Scrub Preserve State Park

A tough hike when it's wet, Estero Scrub Preserve State Park has several loops through wet flatwoods and tidal marshes
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Fern Forest

Fern Forest Nature Center

A bounty of ferns await at Fern Forest Nature Center, an urban wilderness area established in 1979, spanning 247 acres
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Florida Panther NWR

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

The longer of two loops at Florida Panther NWR guarantees a wet walk through panther habitat of wet pine flatwoods
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Bradwell Bay

Florida Trail, Bradwell Bay

You're guaranteed to get wet on Florida’s roughest, wildest swamp walk on the Florida Trail in Bradwell Bay, a wild
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Amid the cypresses north of Loop Road

Florida Trail, Loop Road to Oasis

No longer officially part of the Florida National Scenic Trail, the Loop Road to Oasis section of the Florida Trail
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Florida Trail, Corbett WMA

Florida Trail, Ocean to Lake: Corbett WMA

With 11.7 miles of linear hiking in a vast watery wilderness - like Big Cypress and the Everglades - you'd
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Florida Trail, DuPuis to Corbett

Florida Trail, Ocean to Lake: DuPuis to Corbett

Deep in the heart of the Ocean-to-Lake Greenway, this 9.7 mile segment of the Florida Trail bridging DuPuis Reserve and
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Sabal Palm Trail

Sabal Palm Trail

Slosh for up to 2.5 miles on a very wet walk in the Big Cypress Swamp along the Sabal Palm
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Walking through wet areas helps cool you down

The Tamiami Trail Triathlon

Trying the hiking portion of the Tamiami Trail Triathlon in summer is a little crazy, but we wanted to check
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Triple N Ranch

Triple N Ranch

Vast pine savannas and pitcher plant bogs await at one of the toughest loop trails in the Orlando area a
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We’ve had the pleasure of both hiking and leading treks through the Big Cypress Swamp, where the rain-fed swamp of crystal-clear water is a wonderland of orchids and bromeliads, and wading rugged Bradwell Bay, a wild place near Tallahassee. The hikes above offer the wild side of Florida – and best to experience that with a few friends or on a guided trip when you plan your trek.

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