Alligator Lake

Alligator Lake

In the city once called Alligator, first home of the University of Florida and named for a great chief of the Seminoles, Alligator Lake has long been a gathering place. Established as a park in 2002, hiking and bicycling are now its primary focus.

Au Naturale in White Springs

A new surprise along the Florida Trail in White Springs: a nudist resort.  For years, the Suwannee Valley Campground has been one of several welcoming resupply-and-rest stops for long distance hikers along the Suwannee River, but that’s about to change. In May 2012, the new owners of the campground will be reopening it as a […]

Big Shoals Trail

Big Shoals Trail

When you think about Florida’s rivers and streams, the image of raging, foaming water never springs to mind. Yet up on the Suwannee River, just a few miles outside the historic town of White Springs, the Suwannee hides a secret that canoeists and kayakers kept to themselves for many years—Big Shoals. Inside Big Shoals State […]

Falling Creek Falls

Falling Creek Falls

See one of Florida’s fabulous but little known waterfalls on a short walk just north of Lake City. Take a quick detour from I-10 to see a spectacular root-beer-colored cascade, which plummets more than 10 feet over a deep lip of limestone and flows away over limestone boulders at the bottom of a ravine. Falling […]

Fat Bellys

While I mourn the loss of the Suwannee River Diner in White Springs, I’m pleased to report that the Stormant family is still cooking up the same great country vittles we know and love down at Fat Belly’s, their restaurant on the south side of White Springs near the blinker to Big Shoals. Barbecue is […]

Florida Trail, Bell Springs to Big Shoals

Big Shoals

With Florida’s only Class III whitewater and the beauty of a Florida waterfall along a stretch of trail that is rugged but extremely scenic, this 2.8 mile section of the Florida Trail is a real winner. Although the full segment is still “thru hiker only” from its eastern access point along the back roads near […]

Florida Trail, CR25A to Stephen Foster

FT Stephen Foster

This roly-poly section of the Florida Trail is pretty rugged despite its short distance, since it involves a lot of scrambling in and out of ravines and eroded bluffs created when the Suwannee River seasonally overflows its banks.

Florida Trail, Disappearing Creek Loop

Camp Branch

Rapids between cypress knees? That’s what you’ll see when “surf’s up” along the Suwannee after a good rain. This region has spectacular geology thanks to its karst topography. Karst occurs when water and mild acid (from tree leaves and other natural detritus) seeps into porous rock, and Florida has a plentiful supply of just that—limestone. […]

Florida Trail, Suwannee

FT Suwannee

82.2 miles. For more than sixty miles, the Florida Trail follows the floodplain of the fabled Suwannee River, clinging to its bluffs and terraces, dropping down to sandy beaches, and scrambling past waterfalls and ravines. It’s a physical challenge and one of the most scenic sections of trail, with both Big Shoals – Florida’s fastest whitewater – and the Big Oak Trail at the confluence with the Withlacoochee River a delight.

Lake City

Big Shoals

With the Suwannee River to the north and Osceola National Forest to the east, Lake City is a hub for hiking, paddling, and off-road biking along the Suwannee basin.