Florida Trail, Kissimmee

108.9 miles. Following the Kissimmee River floodplain – which is undergoing restoration to its former glory, and flooding the landscape in the process – this is a section of trail with a mix of levee walks, road walks, marshy wades, and spectacular oak hammocks, as well as many open prairies shared with cattle. Scenic hikes here include Chandler Slough West, Starvation Slough, Kissimmee Prairie, Kicco, and Prairie Lakes.

Florida Trail, Yates Marsh

Along this 3.3-mile section of the Florida Trail in the heart of the Kissimmee prairies, Yates Marsh is not marshy, but a hike in natural habitats and pasture along the river.


On the north shore of Lake Toho, Kissimmee is a historic community at the headwaters of the Everglades, the marshes that feed the Kissimmee River.

Lake Okeechobee

The second largest lake entirely within the United States, Lake Okeechobee is a very unique outdoor recreation destination, circled by 110 miles of the Florida Trail.

North Loop and Gobbler Ridge Trails

The lesser used of the two long loops at Lake Kissimmee State Park, the North Loop leads you through shady oak hammocks to pine flatwoods above the scrub-lined shore of Lake Kissimmee

Prairie Reflections

Slipping into Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park in the early morning hours of our second day of backpacking, you could feel the distinct change from Starvation Slough. No more fenceline keeping us off a rancher’s property. Wide open spaces. And not a lot to go on. It was good Lori was with us. I kept […]